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National Mole Fair

1 Oct 2017

Mole is one of the most traditional dishes in Mexican cuisine. The Fair is held in San Pedro Actopan (Road Xochimilco - Oaxtepec km 18.5) famous for its delicious varieties of Mole, here there are hundreds of restaurants offering all the dishes that have Mole in it. The month of October fills the streets with this unforgettable festival that, in addition to the tasting of all kinds of moles, you can try natural pulque and famous Curados de Sabores. Among the attractions, do not miss the shows.

Miguel Bose in Mexico

13 Oct 2017

Miguel Bose has been on the stages for over four decades, as his talent has allowed him to remain as one of the favorite artists among the audiences and his work includes over 17 productions and more than 30 million albums sold.

Mexicraneos 2017

15 Oct 2017


17 Oct 2017

The band, which is also working on a new album programmed for 2018, announced a first stage of this tour with some dates in Europe and the UK and now Mexico has been added to the list. Turn On The Bright Lights is a cornerstone for the Indie-Post Punk lovers and its influence on an entire generation is huge and undeniable.

Bryan Adams in Mexico

18 Oct 2017

J. Balvin in Concert

21 Oct 2017

The Colombian singer and songwriter J. Balvin will be at the Mexico City Auditorio Nacional with his Energia Tour. The urban music artist has been in the top place of the iTunes and Spotify lists in several countries.

Catrinas Parade

22 Oct 2017

Mexico Grand Prix F1

27 Oct 2017

Adrenaline, speed and passion are the three main ingredients that will make the F1 in Mexico an unforgettable event. The teams are getting ready, the track is almost set and the excitement is on as the auto racing sport has a date in Mexico.