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Groups & Conventions in Zacatecas

Baruk Hotels in Zacatecas: The perfect place to make conventions, work meetings, expos, cocktail parties or any business event.

Baruk Teleferico y Mina Hotel and Spa Hacienda Baruk Hotel put within your reach a whole array of services and excellent facilities, as well as the quality and experience in the group and convention department that distinguish us, making your events a total success. We offer different areas like terrace with spectacular view, gardens and 7 rooms with capacity of up to 600 people.

The MABARAK room possesses an unmatched panoramic view of the beautiful city of Zacatecas and is suited to host meetings and events of up to 500 people.

The variety of exterior areas and gardens are ideal to be transformed into different scenarios that create the ideal ambiance for group events, something that makes conventions and work meetings a unique experience, enjoyable as much as a leisure trip. From small board meetings to large conventions, Baruk Hotels guarantees a memorable and successful event.

Spa Hacienda Baruk Hotel

Fenicia Room

With capacity of up to 800 people in theater seating arrangement and 450 people in banquet set up, it also has the option of upgrading your event and taking it to the adjacent garden for 200 additional people.

Baruk Room

Located on the upper side of the hotel, this room is ideally equipped to host meetings of up to 400 people and can also accommodate up to 400 people in banquet.

Zhagle Room

This space is ideal for meetings of up to 100 people or small banquets of 60 people. It can be added to our Fenicia Room since they’re practically connected to host a variety of smaller events of 20-100 people in different arrangements.

Biblos Room

The ideal space for work meetings. It accommodates up to 100 people in Auditorium arrangement or 30 people in Executive table.

Hacienda Room

Great place for work meetings or lunches. A perfect space where you can also enjoy an excellent view of a garden. It is specially adapted to have an old hacienda air yet fully equipped with the most modern items.

Baruk Teleferico y Mina Hotel

Mabarak Room

Impressive architecture and spectacular view. It has capacity to accommodate up to 600 people in auditorium seating arrangement and 450 people in banquet. This room is truly unique in Zacatecas.

Undoubtedly, Baruk Hotels features all the capacity and experience to make your conventions and business meetings a total success. Besides, we can also arrange themed parties and more. Serving you is a pleasure to us!